Creative Grants Application

The goal of LC Valley Artisans (LCVA) is to award small grants to individuals who are seeking to further a creative project, to engage in professional development as it pertains to creativity, or to fund time off from day jobs for the sake of focusing on creative work. Grant money is awarded in response to a proposal and request for funds. Grant proposals must include all components in order to be considered. Applicants must also explain how funds will be used and how work will be shared with the greater Lewiston-Clarkston community (i.e. give a public performance, have a public discussion, teach a class, participate in an exhibit, hold a concert, reading, etc.). We are open to proposals in all genres. Grant money is awarded based on the approval panel’s perception of talent as well as the artist’s plan to contribute to the greater community.

Grant amounts will be determined relative to need and will be distributed as the LC Valley Artisan Executive Board sees fit.

Please download our arts_application and submit it to the address on the bottom, along with your grant proposal. Thank you to all who submit the paperwork and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.


Mail all applications to:


Paula Coomer

PO Box 205

Garfield WA   99130-0205