Our Story

We began as a group of creative people who wanted a way to to network and have grown into a small, non-profit LLC with the goal of raising money to offer grants to area artists, musicians, writers, and craftspeople who are seeking to advance their craft through conferences, retreats, and other related training.

Talent is found everywhere, and we want to learn from each other, so we also eventually hope to offer workshops for artisans about marketing, starting a website, and necessary duties such as bookkeeping and taxes.

If we sound like an organization you want to be part of, please reach out to us by using our Contact Us page or on FaceBook.

Our grant application period for 2021 runs from April 15 through September 15. Sign up for our newsletter to stay informed and to receive up to date information!

Meet the Team

This is only part of the team that drives the organization to what we are and do.

We are actively looking for board members and work group members. This is a low-stress, easy way to serve your community. In our active season April-September we meet once a month over Zoom. During a normal year we do meet in person occasionally.

Please reach out if that might be YOU!

Paula Coomer




Vice President

Terry Blankenship


Author/Payroll Admin/Bookkeeper

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